What is PSM?

PSM stands for Pilates Suspension Method. This is Pilates performed on a Suspension Trainer (most people think of TRX). PSM can be very low-impact yet very high-intensity. You can make your PSM classes flow like a dance routine, dynamic like a HIIT session or even restorative like yoga. The Pilates Suspension Method will challenge your balance, stability, flexibility and coordination. PSM will build whole body strength, working your core, legs and upper body muscles in almost every move performed. 

Each PSM move has a root in the world of Pilates… whether that’s mat Pilates, reformer or chair Pilates, even Pilates from the Cadillac! However, with the challenges presented by the Suspension Trainer you will find yourself building strength and balance much faster than you would on the aforementioned Pilates apparatuses. With the Suspension Trainer you will have to fight to maintain balance against a 360° swing, a pendulum and maintaining even tension from your right strap to the left strap, trying not to saw the trainer.