The Studio

The Studio

Mega Corps Fitness is the First and Only Officially License Lagree Fitnessᵀᴹ studio in the Greater Dayton Area. Welcome to our Community (our Mega Crew), where we motivate and empower one another through health and wellness.

It’s more than just a workout

The definition of ‘Corps’ is “a body of people who work together in a particular activity.” That’s just what we do! It’s our Mega Crew of awesome members and encouraging instructors that help you get through class! Our workouts are low-impact, but high-intensity and the energy of our group classes is what helps you make it to the end of your 50 minute workout.

We encourage our Mega Community to grow and thrive, to lift one another up and shout each other out. So many friendships have been formed at MCF and it fills our hearts to the brim!

Each and every sweat session at MCF will challenge you to grow in ways you never thought possible. Most of our Mega Members report feeling their mental strength increase first and before they know it they’re doing moves that they could barely get into when they first started. We’re about empowering you to be the healthiest, strongest version of yourself! Whatever that may be, we’ve got your back! 

We’re always looking to meet like-minded fitness lovers! Do you want to help people find their inner strength? Are you a natural cheerleader or teacher? Do you love to inspire others? You might be a great fit for our Mega Team!