Do you offer Intro classes?

At Mega Corps Fitness we do not have a specific Intro Class. We do, however, have levels.

Green Level classes:(green heart on schedule) They are great options for newbies, veterans &
everyone in between. In our Green Level classes we take things a little slower & do moves that
are considered foundational.

Yellow Level Classes: (yellow lightning bolt on schedule) These classes flow a little faster as we expect that you’ve got foundational moves down & feel more confident with the equipment and verbiage that we use at MCF.

Red Level Classes: (fire or the double red exclamation on schedule) You MUST take our Red Workshop and then pass our Red Test-Out before you will be permitted into a red level class. These requirements are set up for more success & safety in red classes, giving you the absolute most out of your workout. Red Workshops & Test-Outs are held every other month and they are invitation only.