What if I’m late?

Mega Corps has a strict No Late Admittance Policy. This policy is in place for your safety. We do
a lot of unilateral work in our classes and if you’re even 1 minute late you won’t be even from
your workout, which can create greater risk of injury. 

We encourage all our class attendees to strive to show up to the studio at least 5
minutes early. You MUST be in the classroom, dressed and ready to workout AT the scheduled
start time of your class. No exceptions.
Say you’re stuck in traffic; Please call us. We will work with you and waive any NO-SHOW or Late Cancel penalties. 

Please note that when you are going to be late & contact us, we do make special notes in your profile as to why you were going to be late. If canceling late becomes a chronic habit, privileges such as Grace Cancels will be lost.