What is your Cancelation/ No Show Policy?

At Mega Corps Fitness we have a cancellation window of 12 hours prior to your scheduled class:

less than 12 hours’ notice = $15 Late Cancel Fee (if you are credit based you will lose that credit)

No Show a class = $20 fee (If you are credit based, you will lose your credit)

At MCF we understand that life does happen. That’s why we believe in open & honest

We also have Grace Cancels attached to each of our Monthly Memberships and Credit packages. TO USE A GRACE CANCEL YOU MUST TEXT THE STUDIO. Grace Cancels are not recognized by our booking software. If you cancel your class by yourself without 12 hours’ notice you WILL be charged the $15 Late Fee and you will NOT be issued a refund. If you have a Grace Cancel to use you MUST text the studio, requesting to use said Grace Cancel & then leave your booking ALONE. A member of our staff will Grace Cancel your booking once they’ve seen your request.

Please note that Grace Cancels are a privilege and can be taken away if they are misused. We
are striving for a positive and supportive community at MCF & that means taking into
consideration that others like to book into classes as well and sometimes find themselves on
the waitlist. We want everyone to have an equal and fair opportunity to get into class.