What if I’m pregnant?

We have had multiple expectant mothers continue with Mega Corps throughout their pregnancy. All of the methods we teach can be easily adapted to a pregnant client. 

That being said, it is HIGHLY recommended to NOT start any new fitness regimens while pregnant. If you are not a current member at MCF we would encourage you to see us once your bundle of joy has arrived and your doctor has cleared you for exercise.

If you are a current client at MCF and become pregnant make sure you alert the front desk & your instructor immediately.  We will require you to discuss continuing your workouts at MCF with your doctor & for you to provide a note clearing you to continue your classes with each trimester. A member of our staff will do a FREE 30 minute private with you as you progress into your pregnancy to go over modifications and moves that are safe to sub in to your classes. Please maintain open & clear communication with your instructors. We love our Lagree Mommies and, as always, safety is our top priority.